Silent pagers are available for members and visitors. The pagers vibrate, making no noise, to signal a parent in the sanctuary or an adult class that the nursery staff would like for you to check on your child. This allows our parents to relax, confident that the nursery will let them know if their child is unhappy. Pick up your pager when you bring your child to the nursery. Please be certain to return it when you pick up your child.

"Miss Mary" Uranker Child Care Supervisor tending to one of her precious bundles


Glenda and "Miss Mary" Uranker with some of their clientele

The hour the children are with Miss Mary is broken into 6 parts:

1. Welcome 4. Clean up
2. Sign in 5. Snack & story time
3. Play time 6. Good-bye time

Volunteers who sign up to assist in the nursery are sent a calendar at the beginning of the month with a reminder card sent the week before their scheduled day. If anyone is interested in helping in the nursery, please call the church office (724-863-5910).