The Carpenter’s Apprentice

What is The Carpenter’s Apprentice?

The Carpenter’s Apprentice is a non-profit organization which was created in 2008 for the sole purpose of serving Christ by helping improve the living conditions of those less fortunate in the Irwin area. Through the efforts of an all volunteer labor force, we will provide repairs to homes that are deemed necessary for the resident to live in a safe and secure environment.

Our Mission Statement:

To improve the quality of life for those in need of home repair or adaptation in the Irwin area. These projects are to improve the level of safety and/or make the home more habitable and will be directed to those in need as defined by local churches. All work will be accomplished by local volunteers out of love and respect for less fortunate community members.

Frequently Asked Questions

As Jesus taught us through His example, service to others is a key ingredient to building a relationship with Him.  Jesus will use us to minister to His people through our gifts and talents that have been given to us through His grace and Holy Spirit.

How Does The Carpenter’s Apprentice Operate?

Referrals are submitted to the board who then determines the scope and cost of the work and if it fits within our abilities. The board then determines how the project costs will be covered.

The Carpenter’s Apprentice will assign qualified workers, a devotion leader, and schedule the work in conjunction with the homeowner. (Project volunteers will come from the organization’s database of volunteers.)

Any church and pastor can participate and serve on the board. There is nothing to join. You only need the desire to help our brothers and sisters.

How do we get involved as a church?

Contact any board member of The Carpenter’s Apprentice.

Be willing and able to refer needy recipients.

Be able and willing to support this ministry in prayer.

Be able and willing to support this ministry in monetary support (optional).

How Do I Get Involved as a Volunteer?

Have a desire to help others.

Complete a volunteer medical form and a skill/liability form on the Forms page under the Church tab.

Send both completed forms to The Carpenters Apprentice.

Check the church calendar for upcoming meetings.

Contact us for more information:

The Carpenter’s Apprentice, P.O.Box 125, Irwin, PA 15642


Visit our website: